[My husband] and I both feel like this has helped me and our family SO much. It’s hard to really articulate how, but my relationships with my teenagers are better, my self-acceptance level is much higher and I’m able to manage my triggers better and pull out of pits faster now. And I have enough experience that I know that no matter what the therapy, the person behind it makes ALL the difference. Thank you so much for helping me be free!””

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

For relief from emotional and psychological pain arising from major or minor life trauma, inter-generational patterns and beliefs, and relational dysfunction that inhibit your ability to live in freedom and contentment.

During the course of a lifetime we experience trauma. Some Trauma (with a capital T) includes things like sexual or physical abuse, or the experiences of war.

But there are also less acute, small-t traumas, harder to see, but also debilitating. These include both things that happened to you like getting bullied as a child, or feeling scared when your parents were fighting, and also omissions in optimal care and nurture. Perhaps you didn’t get enough cuddling, eye contact, or kindness when you were small. Perhaps you were abandoned or ignored or endlessly criticized.

The effects of untreated trauma are life-limiting. You may act out your unrecognized trauma in aggressive ways that you can’t stop even if you want to. Or you may question your decisions, overthinking yourself into a fetal position. You may even get physically sick.

I can assist you in a process in which you will be able to identify your hurtful traumatic patterns, even ones you have always minimized as ‘normal’ stuff of life. You will learn to release the energy connected to them, and establish a new more loving relationship with yourself and others.

AIT works from the premise that we've all had difficult experiences, often but not always in childhood, that continue to shape our worldviews and behaviors in the present. As a result we hold beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that are anything but inspirational and loving, and that interfere with our ability to meet each day with confidence, creativity and enthusiasm.

Most of us want to avoid the nagging little voice inside that whispers "there's something wrong with you,  you don't matter, you're not lovable and you'll never amount to much." We become over-achievers or we stop caring. We blame other people or try to please them. Or we numb our feelings with addictive behaviors.

What if you could simply remove the old programming that created those beliefs and coping mechanisms? This is what AIT protocols and processes help to do. They treat the originating causes and their connection to present life issues, and then replace them with insight, compassion, and an ability to embrace life wholeheartedly.

How does this work? AIT uses the powerful flow through the human energy system as a conduit to remove the remnants of traumatic events from the body and mind and to imprint new impressions of self love and wholeness.

Rather than trying to overpower or reason with distorted behavioral patterns and emotional turmoil, you remove their power to control the present and instead discover the real you.