By appointment:

  • Tuesday through Friday in Lee Massachusetts

  • Saturday at Izlind Integrative Wellness Center, Rhinebeck NY

For relief from emotional and physical pain, for inner development and insight, and for cultivating a harmonious interplay between body, mind, and spirit, I offer effective tools for individualized therapy using the primary options below.

“I have not had a headache since you worked on my face! Thank you very much!”

Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) uses vibration to heal the root cause of pain and restricted movement in the body: clumped up or tightened fascia fibers and the buildup of interstitial fluids.

 “...for the past two mornings, I have woken up the way I think a normal person would wake up. I just wake up. I don’t feel afraid, I don’t dread the day. No knot in the stomach. Despite the weather, I feel light and ebullient and full of enthusiasm and energy. Alleluia! Thanks so much for everything. It feels so good to feel good!”

Advanced Integrative Therapy is a flexible framework for therapy based on an expansive understanding of the human psyche combined with effective treatment tools of energy psychology.

BioWell is an imaging system that gathers information about how your energy system is coping with stress, and then extrapolates it into a number of interpretative maps to identify areas of concern. You can use it to to track progress over time, or to evaluate the effectiveness of any therapeutic intervention.

Biofield Tuning is sound balancing for health and wellbeing in which we apply coherent frequency from a sounding tuning fork to the electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates the body in order to discover and correct disturbances left behind from traumatic experience and undigested emotion.