My name is Catherine Folkers, but most people call me Cathy.

I’ve been a performing musician, flute maker, museum curator, yoga and meditation teacher, director of training for Advanced Integrative Therapy, and an avid student and practitioner of depth psychology, dreamwork, and energy healing. I incorporate tried and true principles and practices of traditional psychotherapy with more esoteric healing methods including energy psychology, meditation, biofeedback, archetypal work, yoga therapy, and vibrational sound therapies.

The nature of my integrative practice enables me to offer a multi-dimensional approach to healing.

Ultimately, healing involves all dimensions—body, mind, spirit and energy field—and each has an effect on the others. If you know what kind of work you prefer, we can start there. If you just know what’s hurting but not how best to begin, I can help you choose. It will always be a collaborative journey guided by the interplay of your goals and temperament with my knowledge, experience and desire to help.

Many theories and modalities intersect and play together in my integrative toolbox. These are the ones that have had the largest influence on my work today:

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